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Thread: Does anybody have any sites about the negative effects..

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    Does anybody have any sites about the negative effects..

    of protein powders // weight gainers?

    I googled and I really can't find anything besides sites debunking the dangers of protein powders, but they are all body building sites which are selling a product.

    I ask because a long time ago in here we had a discussion about protein powders and my nutrition book said it was dangerous to take them. Then while recently discussing nutrition with my doctor, he said that I shouldn't be taking them because they can have adverse effects on the brain over time..

    You don't have to agree with them, but any references on where to find more info supporting or debunking this (which isn't from a bodybuilding site endorsing a product)?

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    This is the only thing I could find. It's not about the protein itself.
    But other than artificial sweeteners and such, the only way protein powder can affect you adversely is if you don't exercise and it turns to fat.

    *Edit: You should ask your doctor for references on how it adversely affects your brain and see if you can find those references online, and post them here. I would like to read about that.
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    If you are looking for credible information try a journal database like pubmed
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    there was an article in a newspaper, showed the effects and stuff of protein powders, it was only really in it, because some can cause kidney damage iff u dont drink enough water
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