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Thread: Lose weight

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    Lose weight

    Im 5foot 11 and weigh 350 pounds. I typed in my stats at the muscle tech website and it said to lose weight eat 3511 calories. That seems like too many calories to lose weight. I was always under the impression to lose weight i should eat between 1500-2500 calories. Im not interested in muscle gain, im just interested in fat lose. Ive started jogging and walking on a daily basis and need to know whats the min calories a body needs to function. I know its not all that healthy to lose weight fast, but it sure isnt healthy being 350 pounds either. Im lookin to drop as much weight as i can a week. Any suggestions.......BTW im not into the thought of taking pills and things.

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    Here's a suggestion - try 3500 cals for a week or two and see what happens. If you lose weight, great. If not then drop cals a bit and try again. Repeat until you find the daily intake you need to lose weight.

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    how the hell u let urself get to 350lbs in the first place is beyond me

    but anyway, do as thegimpe says and iff its not workiung, u drop the cals.
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    A quick rule of thumb is to multiply your weight by 12 to get your calorie intake per day - yours would be 4200. Dropping down to 3500 calories would get you losing just over a pound a week (not including extra calories burned during jogging, walking, sex, etc.)

    You can go more exact if you know your bf, a pound of muscle needs 15cal/day to maintain, a pound of fat only needs 10 (correct me if I'm off, anyone), so you can break down your body composition and get a bit more accurate. But I'd stick with the 12cal/pound/day, just keep in mind that the lower your weight, the less calories you need to maintain that weight, therefore the fewer calories you need to consume to continue losing weight.

    1500-2000 calories would be too little, but 3000-3500 plus the exercise should get you losing a couple pounds a week.
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