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Thread: Nitrean and Opticen review

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    Nitrean and Opticen review

    I have received my atlarge order for about 1 1/2 weeks now. Service was excellent, with Chris giving me a lot of pesonal help. My order was sent out super quick ( I ordered late night, next morning order was sent out. ) Here are my reviews of the products that I ordered.

    Nitrean - chocolate flavor

    I ordered from atlarge due to the positive reviews on the board, mainly that people are saying at large's protein powders mix well. All my previous protein powders have been clumpy and are hard to clean out from shaker bottles. Nitrean mixes extremely well, even in water. It takes me at most 10seconds of stirring with a spoon before my drinks are ready. As for the taste Nitrean is alright. It is not as sweet as other whey powders I've had, but because I usually mix it with milk or use it in post workout drink, it is not a problem for me. I am looking foward to trying some shake recipies later on.

    Opticen - vanilla
    Mixes very well and the taste is awesome! Mixed with milk this taste like melted vanilla ice cream (without that oily feel of real melted ice cream of course.) Whenever I am craving a sweet dessert I have some opticen instead of reaching for junk food. Mixing in cottage cheese makes it even better. I will definitly be buying this again.

    Creatine's effects are pretty much the same for most brands. I can say powder seems to be of high quality and mixes well.


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    Thanks for voicing your opinion!

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    Yes, thanks!

    Can we use this on the At Large Website? if so could you pm me your name and location?

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