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Thread: After bulking as a hardgainer, how hard is it to cut?

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    After bulking as a hardgainer, how hard is it to cut?

    I've always been a hardgainer. I'm bulking right now (throughout winter hopefully) and was just wondering how hard it is to cut the fat once I'm ready. (abs are fading a little bit already)

    I sure hope it's easier than adding muscle. I'm guessing that being a hardgainer makes it easier to lose fat. Is that right?

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    I'd say it's as difficult as you make it.

    Honestly, I think most would say bulking is probably a little less difficult, mentally that is.

    EDIT: Also it really comes down to what your goals are, and where you stand composition-wise when you begin your cut.
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    For a hardgainer, being a hardgainer because of a very high metabolism, generally cutting fat will be WAY easier than adding muscle.
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    i'm hoping that will be true as well, i've been bulking now for a little while, and my gut is growing fast! i'm a hardgainer as well, so let us know how it goes!

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    Interesting thing I've found is that if you are a hardgainer, cutting will be harder than bulking for you because it will be hard for you to hold on to the muscle that you've gained. It is opposite for me, cutting is very easy, and I hold on to all of my strength, but when I bulk it is very hard for me not to put on fat.


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