Okay, let me apologize first off by saying I'm really sorry for starting a new thread about dynamic benching, westside, etc. I know that there are a ton already and nearly everything has been covered thoroughly. I just have two simple questions, and I think I'd be wading through articles and threads for an hour just to find the answers.
First off- with the dynamic benching- do I pause at the bottom, or just crank out three reps as fast as possible?
Second- How fast are these supposed to be? I can't throw 60% up incredibly easily, but I can throw a lighter load (maybe 45%?) up as though there's no bar in my hands at all- is it okay for the weight to slow the rep down a little, or should I go lighter than 60%? I know that bar speed is supposed to be high, but how long should one rep take?
Thanks, and sorry sorry sorry for making a new thread.