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Thread: Lower back pain

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    Lower back pain

    Ok to start off, im 15, about 5'9 or 10 and 137ish. lanky mofo.

    I've been doin the WWB routine for about 3 weeks now, and I already see small gains.

    I have been tryint to lift hard and to my ful potential, however I have been plagued with lower back pain for the last week, just when i do a hard excercise.

    First it was deadlifts, and today I got a sharp pain in my lower back from doing Barbell curls.

    Any tips on how to stop this? I really dont want to injure my lower back.

    Also, how can I maximize my gains? I do not count carbs right now, as I am very busy right now as it is to even get my workouts in, but I have really increased my healthy food intake when i started lifting. I also suppliment rice protein in milk after every workout.
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