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Thread: what is a good (healthy) RHR?

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    what is a good (healthy) RHR?

    I haven't been doing cardio in awhile because I have an extremely fast metabolism, but I was wondering if there has been a guideline as to what the minimum acceptable resting heart rate should be for a healthy individual, based on height, weight, age, etc. I don't need to lose any fat but I also know that cardio benefits other parts of your body as well, so if my RHR is above some minimum healthy value (assuming such a value exists) I think I will start doing some cardio.

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    i believe the avg is in the realm of 60-80

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    yea 60-80, but HR's from 80-100 can be safe also, if that is your normal resting rate. If you are normally at 60 on a daily basis, but then you are hitting 100 at rest all of a sudden, I would get checked out.


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