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Thread: WWB#1 Lifting Speed?

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    WWB#1 Lifting Speed?

    Hey guys and gals!
    Recently started WWB#1 yeh and I was wondering bout the lifting speed. Fast? Slow? I usually do round 1-2 sec for each lifting phase with short pauses inbetween. Well thats what they start off at, the last 2 reps take alot longer. Is that ok? How bout rest times? I usually take at least 3 minutes otherwise I can't lift much.

    And with Close Grip Bench Presses I read that the elbows should be close to the body, but like thats hard because the wrists don't line up with the bar. Or I'm abnormal. I have to have my arms stick out quite a bit. Does that still work? If not, got any suggestions?

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    Don't worry about the lifting speed so much - lift under control.

    I don't understand the second part of your question.
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    ok cool. Lift under control.

    oohh yeh sorry I meant close grip bench press :S. No idea how French press got in there.

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    try making your grip a bit wider on cgbp
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    Lifting speed is very important I always felt, and were taught. Always slow, or moderately slow reps were preferred. This way concentrating going on the negative, and controlled explosion on the way up through the movement. Using negatives to your advantage will greatly increase your strength, and overall mass gains a lot faster, all the while avoiding injuries. There are times ( maxing out on a particular basic mass builder movement on ocassion for strength) I am a believer in this method for building strength. However, by adding heavier poundages, you will notice the more you add, the harder it is to control. Whether you are maxing out for something, or training regularl style,...observe good form, more weight does not always mean bigger muscles. Quality builds better than quanity a lot of times. However big weight does have it's advantages. So when you are able to use extreme heavy poundages correctly with good form, you have it all regardless of minimal reps. Just use good judgement, and try to "control" the weight as best you can with everything to stay injury free. There are times you can explode and go at a faster pace, but always control your movements to a degree, never bounce, jerk, or just drop the weight hyperextending or messing with your joints/ connective tissues by doing this. This is a sure way to injuries. You will thank yourself later.

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