i know i havent been here for a while and its because i get depressed seeing you guys having fun talking about lifting yet i cant do anything because of my tendonitis. well i took nearly 2 months off and finally went to the gym today. i couldnt wait to try out my elbows. i did one warmup set of skull crusher and i was in a lot of pain. i dont know if this is because of my tendonitis or its because i havent lifted for 2 months. i went really slow and had great form but alas my elbow was in a lot of pain for a few minutes.

it hurts more than ever. why? i went from 165lbs to 150lbs during the break. while i was leaving the gym i really asked myself if i should even continue to lift. i love lifting to death but maybe i have to move on and do other things instead of wasting my time with false hopes of my elbow ever recovering.

what do you think.