The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    My 10/06 Meet Results

    APF Fall Classic - Tulsa

    weight - 175

    1st- 435... 3 whites/easy
    2nd- 480...miss(took the weight down to fast and dipped it at the bottom)
    3rd- 485...3 whites(20 lb. meet PR)

    1st- 275... 3 whites/easy
    2nd- 315... miss
    3rd- 315....3 whites/whew!

    1st- 475...3 whites/easy
    2nd- 540... 3 whites
    3rd- 550...3 whites (10 lb all time PR) (150 lb meet PR, lol)

    Total- 1350(first sanctioned meet total)

    This was a real fun meet! Once again I came in feeling really light. (although I hadn't thrown up near as much this time). I really just wanted to get my first sanctioned total, but also to hit some new PR's. I got both. I was starting to get a cold, but it wasn't too bad. I'm really starting to feel it now, though.

    Squats - My suit is really way to easy to get on. I need to gain some weight. I'm hitting parallel way to easy. I had to take something low on squats just to get into the meet mode, 435 felt like 135. I'm feeling a lot more stable with the weight than I did in September. I bumped the next attempt to 480 for a 5 pound PR. Ideally I would have smoked this and went on to 500 for a third. 475 felt so easy 2 weeks ago that I didn't think I'd have any problem with this. I felt good after I unracked the weight, but then I descended way to fast and went past parallel and missed it. (gain weight...hint, hint). I decided I wanted a 10 lb PR, so I took 485 for a third. I took the weight down nice and slow and was able to grind through it for a nice PR. Despite the fact that I somehow got smelling salts in my mouth. lol. One thing I noticed that I need to get corrected is my bar placement. I've been putting the bar really low on my back, and it is tending to slide around a little as I go down, causing me to bend over way to much. My squats look a lot better than they did in September, but it still almost looks like I'm doing a good morning squat. I'll get this fixed and also gain some weight to get the suit fitting better. I'll also continue hitting heavy free squats, in full gear and briefs, with bands and without.

    Bench- I opened low on this. I didn't want to mess around with my shirt much, because I was afraid it wouldn't touch. Basically I just wanted to get through the benching so I could deadlift. I killed 275. Took 315 for a second and got it about half way up and couldn't lock it out. Matt helped me with my shirt. We pulled the front down as much as it could go. It felt much tighter than I had ever worn it. I took 315 again, and was able to push it all the way through the lockout. It felt very good to finally get a good bench in after KC. My arch felt especially solid on all of each attempt. I just need to work on flaring my elbows out to finish the lift. I also didn't have any trouble with my arch flattening out, which was cool. Could have been all that chalk on my back. The Forza bench was especially cool. I need one of those!

    Deads- We had a nice break between lifts, so a lot of time was spent sitting around. I didn't need much warming up, and my back was already almost shot from squatting and arching. 475 felt good, not great. I was trying to start off slower since it was a deadlift bar, and then accelerated through the lift. It really just didn't feel right to me. For 540 I basically just shot down and yanked the bar as fast as I could. This style seems to work great for me. That was quite a pull. Took me awhile to start seeing straight after that one. I didn't think I had much more in me, so 550 seemed like a good 3rd. Same plan as before, I basically just went down as fast as I could, and pulled. 15 pound PR!

    This was a fun meet, and I really enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who helped put it on, and everyone who helped me with my gear and gave me advice. You guys are solid, and I hope to see you again in March.
    Squat - 505
    Bench - 325
    Deadlift - 550
    Total - 1380@175

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    in my own world
    good stuff


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    wow thats over a 3x bw dead! nice man!
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    Nice lifting, that's some impressive weight you're moving.
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    Awesome lifting, young man.

    Keep at it.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    Good work, DK.
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    impressive lifting!
    Now you just gotta get the 2xBW bench
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    Thanks everyone.

    2x bodyweight bench will be nice. It looks like I'm probably gonna be getting a denim bench shirt pretty soon.
    Squat - 505
    Bench - 325
    Deadlift - 550
    Total - 1380@175


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