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Thread: Drug-Free and squatting 1003 by Chris Mason - November

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Hopper View Post
    Very possible, I'm drug free and I've squatted 1005 and my best to date is 1030. I've also done 1000 in boss briefs with a single ply suit.
    But you're a freak.
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    My goal is to put up weight like this with 2 knee surgeries, no wraps, no belts, no steroids, no anything. Gonna be very hard, and probably won't happen, but I'm gonna try to make it happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark! View Post
    But you're a freak.
    Thanks, it's apart of having a great coach with the proper training tools, the best powerlifting gear and being mentally prepared to even get under that weight.
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    I've lifted with and seen Big James lift in several meets. He is awesomely strong. But there is at least one falicy in the story. About only recently trying gear. I competed with him in 2005 and was announcing another meet he was in also in 2005 and he was geared up in a canvas squat suit (Inzer I think). He tried over 1000 but couldn't get close to depth at either meet. Great guy; but the info is a little off the time table...unless you call 6-6 1/2 years recent.
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    The article is from that long ago Buddy. This was a bumped thread.

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