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Thread: Recovery Time Help

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    Recovery Time Help

    I am confused as to the amount of recovery time needed after a pretty solid workout. I am try to bulk right now, but I enjoy being in the gym, so I am doing a 6 day a week split, hitting every boyd part twice a week. Day 1 Chest/Tris/Abs, Day 2 Bis/Back/Shoulders, day 3 Legs. Is this overtraining? My friend thinks that I won't be maximizing my gains by training so often, but I am getting 72hrs rest between workouts. Thanks alot.

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    recovery depends on a lot of things, like diet, rest etc.
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    72 hours is about right, generally speaking. However, based on your lifestyle (sleep, stress, work, play) and your diet, the amount of necessary recovery time can be longer.
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