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Thread: i too have platued my OHP

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    i too have platued my OHP

    i cannot seem to increase on y overhead BB press

    i do my shoulders after chest but i wus always able to increase that since now.

    i think i have been doing OHP since june,
    do u guys think that it is time to retire them and go on to dumbells

    (i want to increase my ohp, db or BB)

    (im stubern in the sense that when i do change something in my routine i want to go from all BB movements to all DB ones)
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    age: 19
    height: 5'8'' (im lieing its probably 5'7'')
    weight: 159-165 lbs (morning and day)
    bodyfat: 8.6

    goals for end of the year 405/500/600 at 170-175(with the 8pack)

    other: dips 3 and a quarter plates for 4 reps

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    Maybe change up your exercise 'regimen' for a while, switch it up. Or switch the order of your exercises?

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    start with shoulders one week and chest the other
    upper chest freak

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    Yeah just do something different.. you said yourself that you've been doing them since June. I would either try out the dumbbell form or just not do them at all for a while. Sometimes when I drop an exercise that I've been doing for a long time... I go back to it a month or so later and then see results.

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    do light rotatercuff work before chest/shoulders, do your chest routine, then do clean&pushpresses. cleans are tremendous for the entire shoulder/upperback complex, and the explosive strength gained/required for push presses will send your numbers through the roof.


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