Currently I train 4 days a week,

I have made decent progress on this routine but due to time restraints, college, work, stress, etc. I may have to switch to a 3 day routine. What I was thinking of doing is to to the same number or sets that I was doing, but just put them into 3 days. But then I was thinking on a push day for example, there is no way I could do the same number of sets for shoulders that I used to do. I'd be too wasted from doing chest first.

Then there is the issue of what kind of push pull leg routine to do. I could do a 5X5 with the big three lifts plus a few assistance exercises. I could do a more traditional method say 6-8 sets per large muscle, 4-6 per smaller muscles.

I have been training about 1 year now. As far as goals, I am looking for increased strength and some more size. I believe the size issue will be more dependant on diet and rest than the training. I'm basically a skinny endo, if there is such a thing. I can put on water and fat weight very fast, but muscle gains are ever so slow.

Anybody ever do a 5X5 or a regular 3 day routine? What exercises did you incorporate? What were your results? My mind is an open book here so any comments are welcome. Thanks.