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    Love Handles

    I am attempting to gain mass so I am eating like a cow and working with heavy weights. However, I really need to tighten the abs and love handles as I am loose around the middle.

    Would you suggest doing high reps on the stomach work (weighted crunches and other) to reduce this area? How many days/week? I was thinking of doing stomach reps every day, even on non lifting days.

    Thanks for the info...

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    Can't spot reduce without surgery. Try reducing your daily caloric intake by 200-500 Calories/day. Most people feel the abs should be trained like any other muscle- 1-2 times a week, 6-12 reps per set.

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    It comes with the territory (bulking).

    If you are going to gain weight, it's gonna be hard to keep those abs. Trust me.

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    Yeah and your better off focusing on one or the other. Mass or cuts. If you really want to lose some of the fat, you can't be eating like a pig.
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    Originally posted by LATMAN
    Yeah and your better off focusing on one or the other. Mass or cuts. If you really want to lose some of the fat, you can't be eating like a pig.
    Latman is right you have to do one or the other you can't do both

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    Ummm...try bulking slower. Eating like a cow? Find your maintenance calories and then add 200 or so.
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    don't try to bulk overnight, gain 1 or 2 lbs a week, I know it seems slow but it's the best way to gain without adding too much fat. Afterall, too much fat makes the lean out stage that much longer right? Leaning out sucks.
    "Intensity for Density!"


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