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Thread: ATF Squats and Knees

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    ATF Squats and Knees

    I've started to go heavy on my atf squats and my knees started hurtings for 1-2 days after I squatted. Everybody whom I talked too said that your knees aren't suppose to hurt if your used good form.

    This is what I did... I use a stance that is a little wider then shoulder width. I go down, pause at the bottom, then go back up. My knees never pass my toes and my back is straight.

    Anyone else have similiar problems?
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    Yeah i sometimes have a little knee pain. I think the main way to avoid this is to ensure your knees travel in the same direction your toes are pointing.

    Not to hijack but does any one else have trouble keeping an arch in their lower back once they have descended below parallel. I don't think my lower back exactly rounds but the arch is gone and my lower back goes flat.
    I don't feel any pain at all, but its got me a little worried.
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    If your knees are bothering you, recheck your form, and play around with your stance and depth a little.

    I think quite often knee problems are caused by strength imbalances between the quad and hamstring.

    On the back rounding, it's probably a flexibility issue - work on your lower back, glutes, and hamsting flexibility. I'd bring the squat up a little, too for now.
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    Lighten up a little bit.

    My knees bother me if I move up in weight to quick. Now a sharp pain, but a dull constint pain.

    So I'd try to lighten the weight and see if it goes away.

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    dotn go as low???

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    I would always get a slight pain in my knees on squat day. During my first 3 month routine I always started with squats. Knees would hurt. Now that I have changed my routine I always start with leg extensions first. Now I rarely ever feel anything in my knees. Must warm them up or something but it works for me.

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    I agree with the leg extension warm up. My squat technique is right on and my knees hurt every once in a while (welcome to weightlifting). If the warm up doesn't work, I would get some neoprene knee warmers. You'd be surprised how much neoprene can do for joint pain.
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    Are you new to ATF squats? Sounds like your body has adjusted to heavy squats, but now that you are going deeper, your knees have not yet become accustomed to the load.

    For example, if you can half squat 315, don't expect your knees to be strong enough to ATF squat that same amount right from the get go. Consider them a weak link that needs to be brought up.

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    are you front squatting when your doing ATF? or is the weight on your back?
    Personally I've only had success (in my form) when doing them on the front.
    If I put the weight on the back I find I lean to far forward.


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