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Thread: Morning lifting

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    Morning lifting

    If I lift in the morning do I need to eat a meal before hand? I was planning on just getting up and going to the gym, then eating my post workout meal, and then eating lunch not too long after.

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    You should have something before you train. Your body was just in starvation mode for 8 hours, and needs food.
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    Oatmeal and protein shake does a body good.
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    I lift an hour after I get up.

    I have a small shake for breakfast. Usually 1/2-3/4 serving of MHP Up Your Mass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThomasG View Post
    Oatmeal and protein shake does a body good.
    Thats exactly what i have in the morning and i train early as well. I do make sure to have an hour between breakfast and lifting unless i want to see my oatmeal again.

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    Early Morning training

    I weight train first thing in the morning at 630am. Get up, and off to the gym. Afterwards I make sure I get some good protein, but I have heard that the body is in a catabolic state when after sleep due to the amount of time without food. Am I actually burning muscle during training then? I am used to training first thing and feel fine doing it, just wandering if training on an empty stomach is a bad idea and not good for muscle building (although I take a protein shake straight after). I figured my body would still have carbs etc from the day before to use
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    There's a post titled Morning Lifting that's 6 posts from the top of this forum.

    You didn't even try to see if this question had been asked before!

    Eat something before you train.

    Edit: Someone merged the two threads and now I look dumb.
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    Thanks for the advice. I dont really fancy a protein shake before and after a workout at that time in morning Would a quick carb meal prior to workout do the job then get some protein after, or do I need the before and after protein?

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    I cook my oats in milk. Protein and carbs in one delicious porridge.

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