I am a 19 year old male from the tri-state area. I have been avid in self-preservation for 10 years playing sports mainily soccer , track and wreastleing. When I was 16 my parents "allowed" me to lift before that they didn't think it was safe or healthy so I just did plyometrics and other non-weight workouts. Well my problem is when I was 16 yrs I weighed 143 and stood 5'10 and had 8.6% body fat when I started lifting. My bench was 125 , BB curl was 65 , dead lift was 115 and squat was 165. Thirty six months later I stand 5'11 weighed 175 with 10 % body fat and my new readings are: Bench is 260 , BB curl is 150 , Dead lift is 285 and squat is 315. Strange part is those numbers have been the same for about 5 months 150 DAYS almost half a year. 1/6 of my lifting career and I cannot gain any more power. I don't know what to do , any suggestions. I lift 5 times a week for 45 min - 60 min a different muscle every day and I spar twice a week for 1 hour. I feel now adays I have to be very careful and watch what I eat and what time I do eat it. Is this normal , are these gains below normal??