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Thread: Genetics and body fat

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    Genetics and body fat

    I've been lifting for a while now, didn't really figure it out how to do so correctly until a few months ago. Anyway, I'm not exactly what you'd call fat (not anymore, anyway), but I do still have the gut and lovehandles. My dad used to powerlift -- he'd never cut, but he believed by getting stronger and maintaining a certain bodyweight the muscle would displace the fat and you'd lose it without having to cut. He lifted and ran, but told me he never really lost that gut, either. It's a genetic thing, and he says because of genetics, I'll probably never lose it either. My question, is he right? Or would it be possible to go against my genetics and lose the bodyfat?

    I don't wanna stop bulking unless I know I wouldn't be wasting time on the cut.

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    If you put the dedication into your diet, you'd be suprised what you can accomplish. Genetics does play a role in the extremely low bodyfat levels, but I'm convinced that us that aren't genetically gifted can get down to seriously lean with more dedication.

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    In the past when I would diet but never reach my bodyfat goal I told myself that it was bad genetics working against me. Now I realize that my diet was bad and I was eating more calories that I thought and the wrong kinds of food. I'd say everyone is capable of low bf, it just may be harder for some.
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