i was at the cvs tonight w/ a friend and decided to check my bp, as it had been moderately high the past few times i had checked it.

my reading was 165/98 which is pretty darn high, expecially since i am only 27.

this is something i've worried about before, but had put out of my mind.

i'm currently 6'1 and 215 at approx. 18% BF. i'm not doing any cardio, as i am trying to build mass.

after this tonight though, i believe i am going to switch to 2 full-body workouts a week w/ 3 days of cardio. i've done some googling and it seems that cardio and lowering sodium intake are the two best bets to help your bp.

i know there have been threads before concerning this, but i was just wondering if anybody has any insight on the subject that they would like to share.