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Thread: Affordable free-weight gym setup for my home?

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    Affordable free-weight gym setup for my home?

    Hello everyone, im new to this.. Both dieting and lifting, havent really started yet just learning.. I do know I would rather workout at home than the gym for now, mainly a confidence issue.. After though I would not mind joining one of the many fine gyms in my area, a decent home setup would still be nice for those long days at the office..

    Im guessing a decent bench and some dumbells is all I need? I know there are many things I wont have but since im new I think the basics will be enough..

    Any guidance in this is very much appreciated.. thanks

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    Get a bench, look at ones with attachments at the end that will allow for preacher curls and leg extensions, sure a little more pricey, but you'll be able to go very far with it. Grab a 300lb set of weights, should really run you that much, a few small dumbell bars, a straight bar, and an ezcurl bar (looks like a straight bar with bends in it) all this will help you put on some serious size with out the self concious issues in the gym. Also look on the main site at the WBB routines, if you dont know the excercise, google image search it. Best of luck, you came to the rite place!

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    Save money and get a cheap bench that inclines and you can use the incline to do your preachers from sitting in a chair. Make sure you have something you can do chinups on, no back workout is complete without chins. I'm working from a home gym myself, and with the knowhow and some weights you can do everything you need.
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