I've been on the WBB Routine #1 for 3 months now.. and the past 2 weeks or so my progress on things haven't been that great of an increase. Like my bench, it seems like I've been at only 7 reps on the bench at 135 the past couple of weeks. And I dunno.. is it time for me to move on to something new?

I've seen pretty good results so far.. it's just that I wasted a lot of time doing things without good form.. and not doing enough of sets. Because the Routine only said 2 sets. I'm doing almost 3 sets of everything. The 1st 2 being somewhat of a warm-up but still heavy weight.

My bench would be like

95 x8
115 x8
135 xhow ever many I can do.

and same with squats

205 x8
225 x8
245 xhow ever many I can do.

So anyways.. back on topic. Should I move onto Routine #2? And I gotta keep track of my progress this time.. 'cause I'm completely lost and forget how much I lift every week. I do have a journal but my computer is broken. So it's rare that I'll get to post here.