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    Do your bones really can support so much of muscle weights? Are there limits? How do you know you have bulk enough so that you don't get bone loss/damage in future?

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    this is not positive fact, but something i think i remember from health class in the 6th grade, which was taught by a guy with a chest the size of dinner plates that was a former champion lifter..i think he said that a bone such as your lower arm can withstand 1600 pounds of pressure applied evenly..the way i remember it being explinaed is that if your arm was laying down, and the weight was perfectly lain on in an even way, it's supposed to be dense enough to stand up to that kind of sure it would thrash the skin and tissue though..but i guess the bone is supposed to be able to take it..thinking back, that sounds feasible i guess though..people get their leg run over by a car all the time and it doesn't break..but i've also seen dudes break and arm in those hardcore arm-wrestiling matches..sounds so NASTY when it snaps!

    but again, this is just from memory of a health class 14 years ago, which i probably didn't do all-that-well in

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    I think Arm wrestling breaks bones b/c your torqueing it with your forearm which is long. ITs kinda like if you try to put a dumbell on a table, and put a twig under it and try to lift it up.

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    why would you be using your bones to do weights when doing bodybuilding the idea is to stimulate muscle growth not use your bones to do the work

    i didn't know you could loose bones by lifting weights

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    Weightlifting will not only add to your lean muscle mass, but it will also increase your bone mass, and as we age, prevent depletion of bone.

    This is especially important for women.

    Bones are no different from any other part of our body. They are a tissue... living and growing. Use it or lose it. The body does not "like" to keep unused tissue around, and if it is not needed, will break it down to conserve energy.

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    One thing to remember is that muscles grow far quicker than bones thicken. So even if your muscles progress to the point were they can move a certain amount of weight, the bones take a much longer period of time to adapt and become more dense.

    The key then is to push yourself, but also to be careful. Especialy with exercises such as squats and deadlifts.

    I hope that this helps

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    I take calcium citrate to play it safe................


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