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    Ive previously been lifting for about a year purely for strength. I was 6'3" 168 lbs(Small i know, mostly cuz i neglected my legs but strong for my size) and 9 percent bf. Just two months ago when football was almost over, idecied i wanted to get bigger as well as stronger. So i started the protien and just 2 and a half months later i am 186 and 12-13 percent bf.

    Do you think it would be possible to weigh 205-220 by next august/september and still have 8-12% bf???????

    BEfore, i used to never take protien. Now, as soon as i did, i started growing immediately.

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    186 to 220 in just under a year?
    That's 34 pounds, so you'll need to add about 3 pounds a month... only 4 pounds of fat to maintain 12%. If it were 100% lean, with your current fat level, you'd be at 10%.

    I think it's doable, but it will be a tough journey to keep the fat under control. It's a lot easier to cut than it is to bulk cleanly.

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    You could there, but you're probably not going to. It's hard to keep gains like that up for that long a period of time. I would set some more reasonable goals. Try 5 solid pounds in the next 2 months. If you hit it early, set a new goal. Make smaller more atainable goals and you will help yourself along. It also helps to keep your motivation up. Keep your head down, lift, and eat cleanly and you may come up in a year 25 pounds heavier.

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    Unlikely, but it's a lofty goal and those are the best kinds.

    The reason you are growing now isn't because of the protein powder per se. It's because you clearly weren't consuming enough protein from whole foods in the past. Protein from powder is identical to the protein from food.

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    It would be very tough. The bigger you get, the harder it is to keep adding size. At your current size, if you eat right and train properly, you should be able to add some nice size to your frame. It could also depend on your body. Some people gain mass fairly quickly where others are classified as hardgainers.

    Just give it some time, effort, and keep your diet on track and you will get there.
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    186 to 205 would be more reasonable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by armageddon69
    i am 186 and 12-13 percent bf.

    Do you think it would be possible to weigh 220 by next august/september and still have 8-12% bf?
    34 pounds of muscle in one year? no way.

    going to 205 is about 20 opunds of muscle in one year and I think thats a stretch...
    8-12 pounds is fairly average and would be an ideal goal IMHO
    if you half ass it you might only gain 3-5
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