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Thread: Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipes

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    Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipes

    This is one of my favorite recipes of all time - it takes some preparation time, but the results are awesome. It is really a barbecue recipe, but I've done it in the oven and it even turned out great in the microwave. There are millions of different variations on this, but here's the one I use.

    1 tablespoon Ground allspice
    1 tablespoon Dried thyme
    1 1/2 teaspoons Cayenne pepper
    1 1/2 teaspoons Freshly ground black pepper
    1 1/2 teaspoons Ground sage
    3/4 teaspoon Ground nutmeg
    3/4 teaspoon Ground cinnamon
    2 tablespoons Garlic powder or fresh
    1 tablespoon Sugar
    1/4 cup Soy sauce
    1/2 cup Orange juice
    1 Lime juice
    1 Scotch Bonnet (Habanero) or Jalapeno
    1 cup Onion -- finely chopped
    4 to 6 chicken breasts

    Here's the quick and simple version of the recipe. Just make sure the onion and peppers are chopped as small as you can get them and combine all ingredients except the chicken in a large bowl. Just poke a bunch of holes in the chicken and put chicken in the bowl. I've cooked it 3 different ways and they were all delicious - it all depends on how much time you have and how fast you want it...

    1) Super-quick: cut each chicken breast into about 4 large pieces, add a little water to the mixture and put it all in a large microwave-safe container. Put it in your microwave and cook it for 5-7 minutes. Take it out, stir it up and put it back in for another 5-7 minutes. You may have to do that a few times until the chicken is cooked all the way. I just made up a batch this morning in the microwave and it turned out nice and moist. The microwave method makes it really nice for sandwiches too.

    2) Quick: Prepare the chicken in the marinade the same way, but put it in your oven for a more browned roasted chicken breast. You'll have to experiment with temerature and cooking time.

    3) The original method: If it's nice out, you can slow barbecue the chicken. This also works nicely for chicken wings.

    If you have the time, you can marinade the chicken for a few hours or overnight. After you cook the chicken and marinade, you can also save the marinade for a dipping sauce or for a nice topping on a sandwich. It's a very flexible recipe, you can add more hot pepper for a spicy kick or more sugar for a sweeter taste. Also works great for pork.

    If anyone else has variations of jerk chicken, post it here.

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