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My only hope is that as I get stronger I can learn my strength at the same time so that I dont crush her...heh, she couldnt handle too much pressure..unfortunately...waaay too skinny
Ha, put a wedding ring on her finger....LOL!

It's definately intimidating dating a man who is very built. That last guy pretty much cleared any fascination I'd ever have of someone very built.
Like every week somthing sore....don't even get me started on when he stepped on my toes, and I have really small feet, it felt like a boulder fell off a cliff onto my foot!

...maybe he was always standing too close or something but he could definately take some lessons in pressure control. That experience has never made me feel the same. My boyfriend now is very tall and has a large muscular build like a swimmer and not a body builder-but he is very heavy too. Since he has those long feet, I always have to make sure they don't collide with mine!