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    Mine mine all mine

    New entries start on Page 8

    ***********NEWS FLASH*****************

    So I'm back to working out hard again. Praise me. The biggest reason is that while the corporate life is good money, I want to work on the health of people. I'm training for my CFT (Certified Fitness Trainer), then my SSC (Specialist in Sports Conditioning), and SMAC (Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning). I'm doing all with ISSA and will see where I go from there. I hope to have my CFT before I meet up with everyone at the Arnold. So considering that I want to do that and work in the health care world in this area, I need to look the part as well as talk the talk. I still see so many Fresh-off-the-Block trainers that dont even practice what they preach and I refuse to be like that. I'm going to be setting up a website on my entire journey with pictures and such. In the end I'm opening a gym that's 3 sectioned, one is your normal gym with cardio, the next door is the hardcore gym, hardcore metal, rock, and punk music with multiple racks and benches including kettleballs and tires/sledges, sandbags, etc, and finally the 3rd is an MMA gym with bags and a full ring. I'm working with various investors but I have obligations to deal with first before I take the step, first step is getting myself on track.

    I was having issues with energy since I started my new job back in June. I gained basically a freshman 15 or more. Consulting seems to do a good job of that. So I started HIIT training and almost immediately I have more energy, now I've started weights again. Due to the area being **** for gyms I only can work out on the weekends when I'm at home. If soreness doesnt get in the way I work out 4 days a week, 2 cardio, 2 weights.

    June 06 - 238lbs
    Sept 06 - 256lbs
    Dec 06 - 243lbs

    Since I hurt my back my lifts have all gone to hell, especially my bench. So I'll be starting over basically.


    Well, our hero finally decides to make a journal, mainly because he has absolutely nothing to do at work and feels like wasting time getting paid for making this journal. a few stats

    Height: 6'3
    March 05: 250lbs
    June 05: 248lbs
    Sept 05: 239lbs

    BF%: ~17%
    Years Lifting: 2
    Status: Single

    The Story:
    I was one of the fat kids in middle and high school. funny since when I was younger I was really active and a scrawny little rodent no matter how much I ate, but following my father's genes, I became a fat ass. My mother and grandfather are marathon runners and my g-pa did the Hawian Iron Man triathalon at 48 so I have good genes right? Bah, I, the tubby one, never followed suit. I'd run a few months here or there but then got bored and quit, I've always needed a strong incentive. When I ran with the Raven in Miami the 8 miles, I got paid 250$ to do it. Anyways, When I hit my senior year of HS, I decided to build, I couldnt curl 20lb dbs.
    Finally when I moved to D.C. I bought a Crossbow thinking I could build like the guys in the video, naive me. I told my buddy who runs a motorcycle shop and he told me I was a little girl and real men go to the gym (he's someone built huge up top but with chicken legs underneath). So I joined a gym and he taught me what he knew. That was Oct 1, 2003.

    Beginning stats (Oct 1, 2003):
    Weight: 225lbs
    BF%: 33%
    DB Curl: 25lbs
    BP: 115lbs
    Squat: (remember chicken legs, never did it)
    DLs: Never did them

    Current Stats (Jan 19 2004)
    1/30/05 - 252lbs
    2/21/05 - 243lbs
    5/18/05 - 250lbs
    9/20/05 - 239lbs
    BF%: ~17
    DB Curl: 55lbs
    BP: 245lbs (100lb DBs)
    Squat: 225lbs
    Deadlifts: 325lbs

    - BF%: ~10% (the ladies love a little cushion)
    - BP: 315lbs
    - Curl: 75lbs
    - Make the ladies want to rape me

    One of the big things I neglected until about mid Nov 04. I cleaned up my diet a lot, before it was whatever I wanted, sandwiches all on potato bread or lots of dip and fatty foods, pizza and such. Never one for fast food but I also laid off the soda completely and cut back on the alcohol. Also, I've thrown in some cardio 2-3 times a week. Since this is all better than before I expect to lose a bit before I plateau on it.

    0900 - Oatmeal mixed with protein powder, water, fish oils and multi vit
    1100 - Sandwich, tuna or ham/cheese on 7 grain bread, water
    1300 - Sandwich, tuna or ham/cheese on 7 grain bread, water, protein powder, can of soup (the microwave new stuff good for filler only ~140 cals)
    1500 - Sandwich, tuna or ham/cheese on 7 grain bread, water
    Dinner when I get out of class or get home - This is where I sometimes dont eat or dont feel like cooking.

    My diet isnt great, I'm not getting the 400 cals a meal I need but I dont like cooking. Its not bad just gets old. Unless you guys have alternatives..I'm just going on like this. I've already seen better def in my arms so I guess its all good.

    Green Tea extract
    Fish Oils
    Protein Powder (technically not supplements right?)

    Will post pictures in a few months, I have some before's but you get nothing until I have something worth the afters. another month or two and I should be good.
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