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Thread: tall and skinny & bit of fat on chest

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    tall and skinny & bit of fat on chest

    im 6ft 3 with a small frame and quite skinny but i have the genetic tendancy to store fat in my chest (its not gyno i saw a doc) as im skinny all round it stands out alot. i did loads of dumbell and chest press but this made my lean muscle grow and it stands out more. how can i harden up my chest and make it flat again? please dony say go on a diet cus im already thin and i dont wana risk loookin thinner.

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    well dno how else u would lose it.

    it might og in time iff u really bulk up? not sure
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    I think you have the wrong idea about dieting. Count your calories and protein on a normal day, just to see what the numbers are. Then if it's not high enough, increase the protein to 1g per lb of body weight. So if you weigh 160, eat 160 grams of protein. Try to stay around the same number of calories but maybe stay away from fattier or unhealthy foods. Working out any muscle group won't reduce fat around it. And a balanced diet can keep you skinny (if you have a high metabolism which you probably do) but also build muscle. Even if you find out you don't need to change your diet around all that much, it's good to know what an average day is like, just to keep in the back of your head when you decide what to eat.
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