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    I am not sure why, but lately my dedication has been slipping....

    I have not got back into it properly since Christmas if I must be hnest with myself... My diet seems to go good for 3 days then I find an excuse and it goes wrong for a week....

    I tend to miss a session here and there now and this messes with my rep progressions etc..

    Basically I am finding it hard to get back into things..

    I WANT to be big..

    I am about 185-190 at about 17%....

    I sooooooooooo badly want to be 190 at 10% or below for November (holidays on Florida) ...

    What does everyone think of this goal ? Realistic ?

    I tend to put off meals and think just another half hour and then I put it so far back I miss it and things go bad for days on end.. Then training suffers etc..

    I know its me and only I can change it but I am just having problems getting back into it....

    I was on the wannabebig routine for 10 weeks before Christmas and made GREAT gains..

    I was thinking about continuing with this for another 10 weeks and if I slow up try a routine Chris posted for ca_richard... I am getting bored of the wannabebig routine, especially chest and back in one day..

    I was thinking of doing it for a bit longer but freshening it up witha slight change in exercise oreder/selection.

    See what happens......

    Any ideas to heelp me get back into it. I think I just need a kick up the backside..

    Oh well nuff of me moaning.

    Gonna try and make tommorow a good diet and training day

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    i cant really relate to this cause its never happened to me. im a little confused though, have your gains stopped? it sounds like youve lost interest all together seeing that you were making great gains, and still your slipping. for me when i start making big gains its a kick in the ass motivation for me.

    maybe you should take a week off, and rest up, i for one think going to the gym feeling like this is not good, chances are youll have a bad workout, and it will demotivate you even further.

    its your choice though, good luck i hope you pull through this depressive state.

    btw, your goal is definately attainable(natural), you have 9 months to get your **** together. if it helps i went from 200lbs 12% to 195 7% in 4 months of deathful dieting, its not easy but anyone with the will can do it.

    peace,.. ill share you some of my strength for your next workout
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    Hulk, I have my days as well, but I always think to myself that weightlifting is one of the things that differentiates me from others. I think about the fact that if I didn't lift I would be a weak squid like so many others out there. I enjoy being bigger and stronger than the average Joe, and I remind myself of that when I feel my motivation slipping. If your overall motivation is slipping, remember that training is way more important than diet. If you eat great and don't train, you will be a skinny guy, however, if you eat normally and do train you will be a guy with normal bodyfat (assuming you are not overweight by nature), but big muscles. So, get into the gym and train and the rest will follow. The fire will burn anew, and then you can get back to concentrating on your diet.

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    Ask yourself at any time during the day, whenever a choice comes up, "What would make me a better bodybuilder?" You won't slip if you ask that question everytime the choice to eat or relax another half-hour comes up. You'll fight with new fire in your belly and you'll destroy everyone.

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    Hmm, what you said Cobra seems smart, ill try it. Yes even I slip sometimes, when the Tuna Master is asleep, i will sometimes not eat my three cans of tuna per hour.
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    Try to find a training partner. If you have someone to answer to when you miss a training session, it will make you less likely to miss the session. Having someone to compete with in the gym also helps motivation stay high.

    We all go through these times, but like the article you posted stated: "we overcome."

    I think your goal is very realistic, but it won't happen by itself.
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    I dunno about you, but with summer coming up, i'm quite frankly sick of trainning. It just seems to be taking my time up, even though i only train for an hour, but after sleeping and eating and journey time, it seems like the best part of the day is gone...oh wait, am i supposed to be motivating you here?..oh sorry...
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    Hulk.....don't be like me, and screw-off till you're 31 cuz I guarantee gains at 34 don't come as easily, and you'll find yourself wrestling with the regret of letting time slip away! I finaly do look a lot better, but I'll always wonder what I'd look like if I'd gotten my pu$$y a$$ into the gym about 15 yrs earlier like a MAN instead of makin excuses like a wussy!!!!!!!


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