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Thread: I have been dong a push pull for 3 months. What should I do next?

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    I have been dong a push pull for 3 months. What should I do next?

    Anyone have any suggestions to what I should do, my progress has really slowed way down.

    Shoud I just switch up some of the exercises, sets, etc? Or sholuld I change my whole split up?

    Any suggestions would be great. BTW, my chest seems to be a weak part, so what would be a good routine that could emphasize the chest. My tri's are killing my DB presses also. But I doubt seperating tri's and chest would make a difference, becuase I work chest before tri's.

    ANyone have a routine that really helpled their lagging chest?


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    Yeah dude... switch it up. There's a ton of possibilities, however. Just change the order into something different.

    Chest with bi's instead of tri's

    Back with Tri's instead of bi's, or maybe back with shoulders.

    You can even have an arm day in your routine somewhere.

    So many possibilities....
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    Fishey, I'm on a push/pull, and my pecs are my lagging part, too. Post your routine for everybody to look at. This'll be real interesting to me, because one day I may need to change from a push/pull myself.

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    My results started to diminish on a push/legs/pull split. I changed my split to chest/back, legs, shoulders/arms and I'm loving it now. I have a feeling I won't go back to push pull split in a long time.


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