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Thread: Mods delete some funny posts .

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    Mods delete some funny posts .

    That is unfortunate but thanks for not trying to boot us everytime we write something a tad bit racy or politically incorrect .

    I know I have a few , but damn sometimes people post some funny stuff and I want to read it the next day so I can laugh all over again . I go to the thread , click on it and ... "WHAT , it's gone , that blows . Those damn ... uhh darn mods , they have a tough job , I'm glad they deleted that filth ."

    Oh well ...
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    Not my site.

    How's it going Galileo? Hope things are going well for you.

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    And guess what's about to happen to THIS post..
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    lol, there are young, impressionables around this site, I think the mods let a decent amount of humerous filth get through
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    ive had about 4 posts deleted in the past 2 days. but at least i didnt get my last and final and again.

    accu-jack....that thread had some potential..
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    True that. They deleted my "Can you dig it?" poll. Now i'll never know who can dig it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PizDoff

    Not my site.

    How's it going Galileo? Hope things are going well for you.
    Things are going great. Start any good internet fights lately?


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