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Thread: How to avoid eating....

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    How to avoid eating....

    well the bad stuff.

    First off, I have always been a huge eater. Im talking whole large pizza's at a time, 2-3 cheeseburgers. etc when sitting down for a meal. ( not at same time )

    but when i try to eat healthy, its like 2 chicken breasts. rice, green beans, water. STILL FRIGGIN HUNGRY!!! What gives!! I can never get enough to eat and am always feeling hungry.

    this was even when i weight 190-220 and was ripped up. I guess my metabolism just could keep up back then or something.

    Right now. i weigh 248lbs and it sucks royally, i feel as if i dont even look like the same person my wife married me for a few years back!

    I am sad and unmotivated,,,, who knows...

    I just need some more filling foods all the time or something....

    Right now, this is not the best diet, but during the week I typically eat the following.

    - 7 AM - Egg burrito in a Spinach Wrap with various meats and cheese with salsa. 1 diet mt dew ( i need to wake up )
    - 10 AM usually 2 lite no-fat yogurts.
    - 1 PM usually a sandwhich, with no-fat lunchmeat, piece of spicy cheese on wheat bread with no mayo.
    - 3 PM usually a sandwhich, with no-fat lunchmeat, piece of spicy cheese on wheat bread with no mayo.
    - 5 PM usually 2 lite no-fat yogurts.

    Dinner varies, between soup, lunchmeat sandwhiches, chicken & rice, etc.

    is this too bad?

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    Sweating and grunting...where you should be.
    you need more food in each meal. I'm about 252 right now and i'm doing a slow cut so around 2000 cals a day, or 400 cal a meal. I usually average around 2000-2500 which is good since it's still cutting but my biggest problem is I cut too much back, you need to make sure you're eating 400-450 cals a meal. and your 10 am is not 400 cals. get some protein powder and drink it at each meal for your 50g of protein a meal. cut the mt dew, and add green tea for your wake up, it also speeds up weight loss. if you find yourself slightly hungry during the day, drink a lot of water, water is one of the best fillers to trick your body into thinking its no longer hungry and its healthy filler since anyone who works out should consume 64-96 oz a day, it also gets your hydration in for the day. your 5pm need more too. egg burrito fast food or frozen junk? dump it, buy oatmeal and eat 2 packs of that a morning, better pick me up, better nutrients in it. throw in some meat if you want on the side. thats a start

    My Diet:

    Breakfast: 2 packs oatmeal, protein powder, multi vit, fish oil
    Snack: 1 tuna sandwich (7 grain bread), protein powder
    Lunch: 1 tuna/ham&cheese (7grain bread), protein powder, one of those soup in a cup things
    Afterlunch: 1 more sandwich, protein powder, and something with a bit more carbs since its my preworkout snack
    Dinner: meat meat meat, some greens....
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    That doesn't really look like that much food to me. If a yogurt is lite and non-fat, that means 0g fat and probably not too many carbs. Protein is your friend, but a few more calories would probably help the hunger. The diet actually looks pretty clean to me. I'm not too experienced with eating to lose weight, but I'd throw in some olive oil and wash everything down with milk- it fills you up good.
    Bear in mind that this advice is coming from a bulking fatty, so maybe it's not the best advice for you.

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    I am 230 atm down from 310. Here is what my diet has looked like for a while, and I rarely get hungry.

    10 am - 1 cup oats, 2 Tablespoons natty pb. (mixed together tastes like pb cookie dough)
    12pm Tuna and Brown rice mixed together

    2pm post workout shake = 1 cup dry cottage chz, 1 bananna, 2 Tablespoon natty pb, and two scoops whey, oh and water.

    4pm Tuna sandwich= two pieces wheat bread one can tuna drained

    dinner 6pm Two X chicken Breasts, 1 cup brocolli, and brown rice.

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    is natty pb = natural peanut butter? Cause I love PB!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spillman
    is natty pb = natural peanut butter? Cause I love PB!
    it is
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    Have you guys tried

    1. Drinking more water.
    2. Munching more carrots, celery and bell peppers?

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    I have a 1 liter water bottle I drink from constantly throughout the day. Refills are merely a water fountain away.

    Havent tried the carrots as snack bit yet. - actually dont each much veggies at all.

    Also, I love protein shakes, but i am spoiled and have to have a blender+ice cubes to make mine. Off topic here, but who has blenders at work ? portable?

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