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Thread: Help with Max-OT routine (not a re-post of an old question)

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    Help with Max-OT routine (not a re-post of an old question)

    I need some clarification about a few of the Max-OT principles.

    In the ďA Max-OT Routine To Get Things StartedĒ section they show doing Biceps, Triceps and Abs the first day.

    Is this not contradictory to the basic principles that state we should only work 1-2 muscle groups per day?

    On that note they also include wrist curls in that workout, meaning they are also including the forearms. That makes 4 muscle groups does it not? Biís, Triís, Forearms and Abs.

    Donít get me wrong I like Max-OT I just need help clarifying a few things.

    My workout does not include my abs on my arm day.
    I do 3 exercises for triís, 3 for biís and 3 for forearms.
    So I am still breaking the rule of only two muscle groups a day right? Or is that okay now and then as it is in the above example?

    Something else concerns meÖ

    Max-OT recommends a warm up routine for each muscle group.

    5 sets with increasing weight increments until you finally reach your max weight.

    I am not sure about the rest time between these five sets but letís assume itís 1 minute. That would mean at least 4 minutes for each warm up routine just in rest time. This does not include the time it takes to execute each of the exercises.

    So If I do a warm up routine for my biís, one for my triís and one for my forearms that would be 12 minutes minimum just in rest time. Lets say for arguments sake that each exercise takes 30 seconds, x 5 sets equals out to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Add that to the 4 minutes of rest time and the total is 6 minutes and 30 seconds for each warm up routine. Multiply that by 3 muscle groups and we get 19 minutes and 30 seconds just in warm up routines. (Maybe I donít need to warm up my forearms as they are probably warmed up enough from doing my bicep exercises?)

    Now Max-OT recommends that we do no more then 3 exercise per muscle group, with 2-3 minutes rest between each of the 3 sets. Letís use 2 minutes rest between sets. Thatís 4 minutes just in rest time for each exercise. Weíll use the 30-second time frame for actually executing the exercise again. That gives us a total of 5 minutes and 30 seconds for each exercise including 2 minute resting periods. Now multiply that by 3 exercises per muscle group and we end up with 16 minutes and 30 seconds to work each muscle group.

    On arm day I am working 3 muscle groups so I will multiply 16 minutes and 30 second by 3 for the total minutes of actual exercise execution time. That equates to 49 minutes and 30 seconds. Add in the time we spent doing a warm up routine for each muscle group, which was 19 minutes and 30 seconds. We are now up to 69 minutes with resting for 2 minutes between sets and resting for 1 minute between warm up sets.

    Max-OT principles state that we should not workout for any longer then 30-40 minutes. The above workout equates to 29 minutes longer then recommended. This is also assuming there is no down time loading weights or setting up equipment for each exercise.

    This may be a little confusing but the reason I ask is that I did my arms the other day and my workout was well over an hour long, closer to an hour and a half. Granted I have to switch weights and move equipment, yadda, yadda, yadda but as you can see by doing it ďby the bookĒ and with minimal rest time it still puts me well over an hour.

    Is this something I should be concerned about? I REALLY LIKE doing all 3 arm muscle groups the same day. All my other days are 1-2-muscle groups and nice ní quick, usually under an hour including loading weights and moving equipment, itís just my arm day that seems so long. I am not complaining, I just want to make sure I am not doing something wrong.

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    on most days, u would only be working one muscle group. That means only one warmup session. on days when u work more than one group, a skip the second set of warm ups and go straight to weight acclimation for that muscle group since it is generally warmed up from the previous workout. Also, i dont think u start "counting" time until ur first REAL set

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    So I am just wasting my time warming up the other two muscle groups?

    That should keep my "actual workout" time under and hour, thanks.

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    Every time you do any workout where you pull or push weight you work your forearms. You shouldn't need to hit them directly, just make sure to squeeze the bb and dbs as hard as you can through all of every exercise and you grip will strengthen without any additional work. Even if you do work them with a couple sets of wrist curls/reverse wrist curls or whatever, you definitely don't need to warm them up after an upper arm workout.

    I'm using the Max-ot principles as well, but I used their guidelines to make a routine that fits what volume my different muscle groups need. It also takes longer than a week before my routine repeats, as each workout is as intense as possible. I made it into a chest/tri day, a shoulder/abs day, a back/bi day, and a leg day. I'm thinking of switching to chest/bi and back/tri but I'm not sure. Those Max-ot principles were to be used as guidelines but I didn't like the way they scheduled days either. You can make your own routine and still use their principles.
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