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Thread: Under Armour Mock Turtleneck Color? Your Opinion Needed!

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    Under Armour Mock Turtleneck Color? Your Opinion Needed!

    Sup i've been thinking about getting one for a long long time. Today I decided that I may as well buy it because I'm gonna be using it a lot. My question is..which color should I get. I did the easy part and narrowed it down to two for you guys haha. Basically..It's between either White or Black. In a way, I want white because I could wear it under any type of clothes and still have it match with whatever color I chose to put on top. It also shows more of the muscles HAHA...(but taht's not a big issue). I also do a lot of night running so I figure this is a good way to illuminate myself as a safety hazard...which black doesn't do well with. BUT, I do consider black also because I figure that my sweat could potentionally (SP?) stain the white turtleneck if I do decide to get it. That has been the reason why I have not bought a single white shirt within the last couple of years. Black is generally a less worry-some color for any type of clothing in my opinion.

    Here are the pictures..I'll let you guys decide. Thanks..this will help me a lot. Oh yea..if people have Under Armour shirts already, if it's white or black..tell me your experiences with it. Do you ever regret buying that color? What benifits did you notice upon buying that color also. Why you pick it?

    Once again, thanks a lot..i really appreciate you guys helping me. Hopefully these $50 dollars I spend on this will be well worthed it... *cross fingers*

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