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    medicine ball effectiveness

    I've recently gotten back into lifting, trudging along for a while and settling on a 1-2x/wk "routine". I just could not get the motivation. I use a Bowflex (yea yea) which I had great success with before and enjoyed. A friend recommended getting a medicine ball, they were on sale, I figured I'd give it a try.

    I've used it twice. Pretty intense for 1/2 hour, and about 15 min of slightly easier 'wind down' routines. I swing and twist with it every which way, sometimes slowly, sometimes really fast.. I get a pretty good pump going by the end of the workout. On both occasions, I was ridiculously sore the next day.. my entire upper body, every single muscle had been worked. It wasnt a "I overdid it and hurt myself" sore, but a "that was a crazy workout and I'm still drained" sore.

    Aside from leg workouts, I think I'm going to only use the medicine ball for a while, I actually really enjoy it. Anyone have luck with plans like this? Im not really looking to gain mass and strength as I am going for an athletic and toned appearance.
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