Hello all! Noob here. Take it easy on me. heh

Okay... i am not versed in dieting or lifting weights. I just try and use some common sense and things that people tell me. I recently started up again, having done a little before. My goal is to increase muscle mass and loose fat... especially around my mid section. When I first tried lifting and dieting I was doing okay... was taking hydrocut with ephedrine and it worked.... but then i stopped... got too busy on other things. Been about 2 yrs. Some of the fat has come back just a little after not working out at all... not dieting at all etc. I recently also starting taking Hydrocut this time with no ephedrine. I just started all this again about 2 weeks ago. I am taking whey protein after I lift and I am trying to do 25 to 30 minute jogs 3 times a week and lifting 3 times per week. My diet.... a lot of protein.... turkey burgers, chicken breasts, eggs etc. not much pasta or breads... just a little... cut them out a lot, a lot of salad.... 1 to 2 bowels a day, drinking berry blast (lol) to meet my fruit needs and its convenient, lots of water, ive cut my calories consumption a lot by the way. I used to eat hamburgers and fried chicken like there was no tomorrow as well as drink a lot of coke... cut coke out completely.

Okay so am i doing okay? Probably hard to judge since its early... but am i on the right track? Again I want to increase muscle mass and loose my gut. i am afraid that the hyrdocut wont work since it has no ephidrine and i may no be used to it since i did it a lot about 2 yrs ago. what other product would you all recommend besides hydrocut? My apologies for a somewhat chopped up articulation of my deal here but I am extremely in a hurry. Thanks for any help you all are able to provide.

my apologies if this is not the appropriate place for this post.