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    Raw Omnivorous diet


    I'm new here. Names Paul and I am a PT living in So. Cal. I am here to shed some new light on a subject that most people wouldn't even think of. Did you know that all food has digestive enzyzmes that are needed for the proper utilization of that particular food? Now you do. Keep that in mind. Cooking/burning is a chemical change. A chemical change is defined as one that is irreversible, changes the chemical make-up of the origianal substance, and adds new substances to the chemical struction of the original one. These substances in cooked food(cooked meat especially) are toxic and carcinogenic. Heterocyclic amines, AGE, lipid peroxides are a few off the long list. In addition to the carcinogenic byproducts of cooked food, the indigestibility because of mutilated or destroyed digestive enzymes should be enough to make you question whether or not we should be burning our food before we eat it. We are, after all, the only animal on the face of the planet that does this.
    My diet that is life and health promoting is a raw omnivorous one. Incase, you are confused about the meaning of those words, I eat raw meat as well as raw vegetables.

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