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Thread: CAR HELP: oil pressure light, car stops moving; restart and back to normal... HELP!!!

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    CAR HELP: oil pressure light, car stops moving; restart and back to normal... HELP!!!

    my dad's 1997 Dodge Caravan. this happened tonight while dropping someone off. driving fine, all of sudden, check oil light/oil pressure light, comes on, and the car won't accelerate further. we turn off the engine, and restart, and the light disappears and the car is back to normal.

    later, the light comes back on, and the car stops moving again. we turn off the engine, and restart, and again it's back to normal.

    we live in michigan, and it's cold and there's salt everywhere.

    what do you think? haven't checked oil yet cuz it's late, and we left the car at the person's house.

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    I'm not really sure at all, maybe has to do with the type of oil you put it. and the cold temperatures.
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    Well you should check the oil ASAP. One thing that came to mind is a possible blocked oil filter and/or line, or a bad oil pump. Just some things to check.

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    sounds like an electrical problem

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    When you have problems like that... I ussually don't recomend restarting the car and driving again. Check your oil and get it checked by a mechanic. It sounds like your engine is not getting any oil.

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    I agree with GMCtrk...sounds electrical. If when the oil light comes on and it wont could say it's seizing...But to turn off, restart and be fine again...tells me not. Also, the engine would be making some horrible noises if it were true oil starvation. The weather you've had has prob got into the electrics. This may be that water or corrosion has got into the oil switch and possibly it has a safety overide that stops the engine running when oil pressure is low? A Dodge Caravan?..I think we call them Chrysler Voyagers over here....can't remember if they have this facility, but i know a few manufacturers build this into their vehicles.
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