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Thread: right arm 3/4 an inch bigger than left, wtf?

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    right arm 3/4 an inch bigger than left, wtf?

    my right arm is 17" no pump and my left is 16 1/4 no pump, i can kinda tell but nobody else really can, is this a common thing? how do i fix it? thanks

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    i don't know how common it is, but i have the same problem. unfortaneately my arms aren't as big as yours, but i do have a size differential. i've looked around about fixing this problem and most people suggest doing a couple extra reps for the smaller arm when working arms until they catch up. i'm currently trying this and i'll post a little later to let you know if i see any results

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    even in pro-bbers your get a size difference in arms.
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    I don't think there are very many people who are completely symmetrical. Most people have a dominant side; the arm on that side is generally bigger than the other with more use. A good way to bring them as close to the same size as possible is to do heavy arm sets with dbs, and if it's an exercise like concentration curls or seated tricep extensions where you work one arm then the other, do your left arm first, then on your right do the exact same number of reps your left did, even if you can do more with your right. Or just learn and achieve ambidexterity.
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    my right arm is 15.5 and left 14.25. yet my left is stronger.
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