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Thread: Good Back Pain (Deadlift)

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    Good Back Pain (Deadlift)

    I've heard there is a difference between good back pain (when you deadlift) and bad backpain. How do you tell the difference?

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    Good back pain (ie, muscle soreness) is not acute, develops well after you're done exercising, and does not last very long (a few days) Bad back pain (ie, bad muscle strain or other tissue damage) can occur acutely, and will not go away as quickly as regular doms.

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    bad back pain feels like youve just been stabbed by a knife. speaking from plenty of experience.

    good back pain is as Nash said, dull ache/soreness that subsides soon.
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    what........if you have had lower back spasms after working out? lower back that is?

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    Id say lighten the load until it subsides, but you might want to talk to your doctor about that

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