I used to lift and keep myself in excellent shape. I looked great and felt great, until.... I had a mtn bike accident and received a grade 3 AC separation in my shoulder. It took me out of everything athletic and really depressed me. The doctor remarked on my physical fitness and stated that if I didn't have so much muscle, the crash would have probably broken many of my shoulder bones. Years later, I still feel like I am not mentally where I was back then. I have a large bump on my shoulder, which sticks out (to me) as if I had a huge zit on my face when I see myself in the mirror or touch my shoulder. I have no real loss of motion or pain, generally speaking.

Surgery could solve my bumpy shoulder, but a scar would be left. I am fine replacing my current problem with a scar. My parents tell me that if my shoulder works, I should not even consider having it cut open for vanity. I can't get it out of my head, though. The bump on my shoulder represents an otherwise great platform to improve upon; more than that, it reminds me of a stupid mistake I made years ago.

After years of deliberation, I have finally taken the initiative to get back in the gym. I feel good about that.

What are your thoughts? Should I just let it go because my should works and having surgery is a big risk? It has be explained as a simple procedure to me, but I am not sure.