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Thread: Hammers, curls, preacher curls, cable pulls

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    I hate preacher curls, for the reason Paul stated and that there isn't much of a stretch on the biceps when your forarms are out in front of you. Much more of a stretch on incline curls.
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    have u or pauly tried that "modified" preacher curl

    where ur arm, on the bottom of the movement, is perpendicular to the floor; kinda like a concetration curl but slitly different

    with the typical preacher curl: at the top of the movement ur ulna/radius is perpendicular to the floor, thus the weight gets "rested" on the bone, taking away from the continious tension.

    i plan on either doing CG-chins or mod preachers in my next split when i get too adapted to BB curls.

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    Using and E-Zbar standing with first weight for 4repsx2 and then weight for 10repsx2 , and the same on the preacher is enough for the biceps to get big and handsome.
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    are incline dumbell curls any good?
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