I had a training partner who was very intense and strong and always eager to go the gym. We pushed each other......problem is,he, well, we are both very competitive and that pushes us to get better results and set new goals. I think he gets very jealous of me when his training is not going well and then dissappears for a while. Or he meets some new chic and she has him up all night so he ends up skipping his workouts and I end up lifting alone. I realize i don't need him to succeed in the gym, problem is that I have a hard time pushing myself so then I slack and I lose weight, strength and motivation. I like trainig with a partner. I have a hard time finding one who works out with the right intensity,drive and determination that I have. I have tried new ones but there work schedule and other commitments make it hard for us to work out all the time, or I don't like there training style.....I'm really stuck and would like to have some feedback here as to what I should do.......Has anyone else on here had this type of problem ?????