Alrighty, I'm going to give this a shot.
145 lbs
33 inch waist, 13 inch biceps,40 inches around chest(lats and pecs flexed)
22 inch thighs, 44 inch shoulders

new workout schedule
monday-chest and tris
flat barbell bench 1 warmup- 1x6, 1x12
cable crossovers 1 warmup- 1x8, 1x15

Dips- 50 unweighted. No belt in my gym, not nimble enough to hold plate.
Crushers- 1-2 warmups, 1x7, 1x13

Tuesday- rest/cardio 30-40 minutes nordic trac

Wednesday- back/ biceps
Behind neck cable pulldowns- 2 warmups,1x6, 1x12
one arm dumbell row-1 warmup, 1x8, 1x14
deadlifts-1 warmup, 1x6, 1x12 (185 and 135 lbs)

Standing curls- 1 warmup, 1x6, 1x13 (65 and 50 lbs)
or I might start doing seated dumbell curls.
Preacher curls- 1 warmup, 1x7, 1x15
Please- I need some help putting together a good bicep routine to (quote LAT) "get these twigs to grow"

thurs rest/cardio

friday- legs, shoulders, traps
lunges- 2 warmups, 1x7, 1x13 (or stiff deads)
squats-2-3 warmups (8 reps), 1x6, 1x12 (175 and 145 lbs)
arnold presses- 1 warmup, 1x6, 1x12
cable laterals-1 warmup, 1x6, 1x12

heavy upright rows-1 warmup, 1x8, 1x13
standing shrug- warm up, 1x6, 1x15 (230 lbs and 180 lbs)

All of this seems to get me very pumped- especially my shoulder workout which has led me to nice gains. my major weak point, obviously, is my biceps. I have a hard time- since my arms are so short, I guess- of getting a full contraction so my muscle doesnt really "boom" at the top. Any suggs will be very greatly appreciated.