I just finished football and lost a lot of strength all around, I need to get into a good program and put some good muscle size on. I'm thinking of a routine like this 6 days a week.
Monday: Quads
Step ups
Tuesday: Shoulders
DB Shoulder Press
Seated Side Laterals
High Pulls
Wednesday: Hamstrings
Good Mornings
Hamstring Curls
Thursday:Back & Biceps
BB rows
Seated Cable Row Close Grip
Standing Alternate DB Curl
Preacher Curl
Saturday: Power Day
Sunday:Chest & Triceps
Bench Press
Incline DB press
(depending on fatigue)Some sort of fly's
Skull Crushers SS w/ Close Grip Bench
Over Head Tricep Extension

It seems like alot but I think it will do good to get me back into the muscle bound freak shape. Get me good strength for heading off to University too.
Anyways any Suggestions????