Only 3 or 4 weeks ago, I was squatting 245 x 6-8 comfortably (not to failure). Feet shoulder width, thighs parallel... I had one bad session at the gym where I did a first work set at 225. I felt kind of weak so I didn't increase the weight and sure enough I unrack the 225 to go for a second set, squat down, and not only did I not have strength to push it up, hell I didn't even have the strength to stop it at the bottom.... crashed onto the safety bars.

I took a week off for finals and now went back this week. Yesterday was legs and I felt SUPER WEAK at the bottom of the squat. Because I was away from home, I was at a different gym and they didn't have the safety rack, so I was afraid even to go down to low for fear of crushing myself (and there wasn't anyone there I could ask for a spot, and **** the Smith).

My diet's been better, but I've been getting plenty of protein and I've at least been eating like a horse (Christmas, you know tuttut ).

So I'm not sure what the hell is wrong with me. The other legs exercises are no problem (lunges, extensions, GHRs, etc). I even replaced a couple of sets of squats w/ Zercher squats b/c I don't really like the idea of squatting w/o a safety rack, and especially in light of the circumstances.

The only thing I can possibly use to explain yesterday's disaster is POSSIBLY the fact that the power rack doesn't face a mirror and I ALWAYS have had one in the past. Possibly I was just squatting lower than I normally do, but I still felt super weak for whatever reason.