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Thread: Various Questions About Starting A Diet

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    Various Questions About Starting A Diet

    Hi, I'm new here and it looks like there is a vast pool of knowledge here and I'd like to get some of it. This looks to be a long post so if you could bare with me and give me any insight towards my questions it would be greatly appriciated.

    To start I'm 17 and new to this whole rigid diet thing. I'm not new to weight training however. I did it all last year in school and just got back into it at the start of the new year. At my school the Marines visit twice a year to do a thing called the thirteen thirteen. You bench your body weight 13 times and do 13 pull-ups. I tried it for the first time about 3 weeks ago after a summer of not lifting weights and benched 9 times and did 5 pull-ups.

    Next time they come in May I'd like to be able to complete this exercise seeing as it's my senior year and I won't have another oppurtunity to.

    Right now I weigh about 140-145 pounds and am just starting to lift weights seriously again, I used to just eat whatever I want and I used to weigh 160 but benched 220. But now I guess I'm going for endurance and strength.

    So my questions are what should I eat basically. I know to eat lots during the day and it will be tough between school and a part-time job, but what do I eat exactly? What for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks in he middle of the day.

    I was thinking some breakfast, go to school I have P.E. first period drink a protein shake during second after workout. Then eat lunch when I get home and something else before I go to work, eat something on my break at work, then eat dinner. But what exactly should I eat I have no clue I was also wondering if anyone knew any substitutes for eggs which I should it in the morning, I hate them with a passion.

    Well that is it I guess, unless someone has a workout plan they could direct me to because the only real thing I'm trying to achieve is to be able to bench my body weight the thirteen time and do thirteen pull-ups so I can show the Marines what's up , but I am going to check out the workout routines on here. Thank you in advance to anyone who can lend me any insight.
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    you mentioned looking up the routines on here which is a great place to start, and dont forget to check the diet sticky at the top of the page which reads what a bodybuilder eats.


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