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Thread: Where do the nutrients go first???

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    Where do the nutrients go first???

    My mind started wandering the other day, and several questions came to mind. I was thinking about in what order do nutrients get used. For example, after a workout, when you take in food, do the nutrients first go to replenishing what you used, then to muscle building, and then the excess to fat or is there another order to which things get done. I was thinking if the body's main goal is to hold onto muscle, even on a bulk you should still be able to use cardio to drop some bf. By doing some cardio your body would first use fat as energy and as long as you weren't doing a **** load of cardio, you shouldn't really be using muscle for energy. After the workout (lifting and cardio), as soon as you take in food, the nutrients would be used towards building muscle. Keep in mind that this was just me sittin' there letting my mind wander, and if this makes no sense what so ever, just let me know.

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    Don't think so much.

    Squats work better than supplements.
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    All of them happen simultaneously.

    And during cardio, your body will first use carbohydrates (glycogen) for energy. After about 30 mins, you will start to burn fat.
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