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Thread: boxed meat?

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    boxed meat?

    ok i searched and had trouble finding anything. I think this has been covered before so maybe someone could help me find an informative post. Are the perservatives really bad? Should I only buy fresh chicken? Cause I have been buying boneless skinless breasts frozen in a box from a boxed meat place. I heard they were bad and i thought i recalled someone mentioning they are bad on here.

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    It depends on what type of boxed chicken your talking about and what you mean by bad. If it's just normal frozen chicken breasts in a box it shouldnt be that big a deal. It may have some type of preservative and a little more sodium than the fresh stuff, but it's really not gonna make a big difference IMO. Whatever you can get cheaper bro.
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    yeah i cant see this boxed stuff that i was buying before beeing too bad. Thanks for the info.

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    'Boxed meat' paints an ugly picture.

    I got a ten pound box of foster farms chicken breasts...but all it is is individually wrapped and frozen chicken breasts that happen to be in a box.

    I assume that you're not talking about a bunch of meat stuffed in a box with no wrapping that leaks red goo all over your hands and sticks to the counter.

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