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Thread: strength/lb of muscle

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    strength/lb of muscle

    how is strength in a given pound of muscle determined, by number of fibers, or composition between slow/fast twitch fibers? and how much stronger can you make a given pound of muscle, like if i get to 165 quickly, focusing on primarily on size and to a lesser extent strength, can i then make my 165 lb body much stronger and remain 165?

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    the number of fibers could come into play if you believe that hyperplasia exists. strength is mostly determined by the size of the fibers in the muscle group. the fiber's size increases by hypertrophy when you work out. they tear and heal themselves and become bigger in the process. and to answer your question, sure i guess you can always get stronger but eventually the weight will come with the size. by keeping your bf down you could minimize the gain in weight.

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    kind of fibre, # of fibres, cns recruitment.
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    Try injecting yourself with adrenaline!! lol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazer80
    if i get to 165 quickly, focusing on primarily on size and to a lesser extent strength, can i then make my 165 lb body much stronger and remain 165?
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    and training to grow as little as possible but get as strong as possible is just doing 1-3 reps to failure right?
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    doing 7 or 8 rep sets to start off wont make you grow noticably. it doesnt have to be only 1-3 reps.
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    7-8 reps is what i've been doing in my bulk and has worked well for size

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    Also besides the fibers, I think it has to do with where the actual muscle attaches to the bone and how much of a leverage works against it. If the tendon is attached closer to the fulcrum or pivot point, I believe the muscle would have to work a little harder then if it was attached a little farther away. Although this might be very minor it does have a certain amount of effectiveness.


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